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Modern Family: 2 Gay Dads + Asian Child = Pre-School Success, Right?

We all know getting your child into The Right Preschool is a marathon event in schmoozing, check writing, and politicking. Little did Modern Family‘s Cam and Mitch know they were sitting on the jackpot: two gay dads with a an Asian child? Surely they’ll have no problem securing Lily in the poshest of preschools! (Spoilers ahead)

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    After thinking they hit the jackpot by being Gay and having an Asian adopted baby. They watch as a single Mom with a Black baby walks in. Cam still feels confident untill her partner rolls in a wheelchair…….

    Cam’s face: Priceless :p

  • CHIP1218

    Wasn’t the wheelchair-bound lesbian Indian/Middle Eastern/Latino? They referred to them as a bi-racial lesbian couple with an African-American baby…that’s where Bruno went wrong – he didn’t have an ethnic partner to co-parent OJ!

  • Cam

    OK, Modern family was irritating me last year, but they have really come back with a bang this year. HILARIOUS!

    Not to be disloyal to my fellow gays, but Gloria has got to be my favorite Character this season. She is getting some great lines.

    There was a TV series, some John Laroquette show where everybody was competing for a job and each person was describing how they were more diverse, then a woman in a wheelschiar holding a cane for the visually imparied came in and they all got mad and left, Sounds like this writer checked out that show. lol

  • Latebrosus

    Somewhat reminiscent of Eddie’s reaction to Saffy’s baby on Absolutely Fabulous: “A mixed-race baby is the fashion accessory of the season!”

  • Theo

    LOL….love this show. HILARIOUS.

  • Dana

    The L Word used an almost identical storyline about protagonists Bette and Tina trying to get their daughter into preschool, thinking they had it made as a multi-racial, lesbian couple–only to come up against a gay male, interracial couple. Modern Family is funny, but surely they could have been more original.

  • Elian Maricon

    I love how the default race for all queer people is “white”.

    The kid’s race was noted, but since the dads were gay, then CLEARLY they must be white. “White” gay dads is redundant?

    The white gaysbien community is one of the most racist groups I’ve had the misfortune to encounter.

    Queer people are not all white. No, I swear ! Wild, huh?

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