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Modern Family Cast To Phelps Family At Golden Globes: “You’re Idiots”

Modern Family took home the Best Comedy award at Sunday’s 69th annual Golden Globes, but we’re crowning its cast Best Ass-Kickers after they put anti-gay protesters in their place.

Loonies from the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) set up shop on Sunday across the street from the Beverly Hills Hilton, where the Globes were being held. Speaking to reporters about the Von Phelps Family Players, Eric Stonestreet (a.k.a. teddy bear Cameron) said, “America is a great place, speech is free and you’re able to expose the fact that you’re an idiot.”

Stonestreet’s cast mate Julie Bowen added that the show has broadened a lot of minds. “I come from a long line of straight, white Republicans who don’t like people like this,” she said, pointing at openly gay Ferguson. “But even they like this show—in country clubs all across America the doors are cracking open.”

Bowen and Stonestreet weren’t the only ones to speak out against the WBC: Christopher Plummer, who won a Globe for his portrayal of an elderly homosexual in Beginners, said  “I know there’s an awful lot of anti-gay feeling right now, particularly at this moment, and I abhor it.”

We knew the Baroness had good taste.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, WENN. Photo: Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Best Week Ever