Modern Family‘s Gay Writers Split Over Decision To Have Cameron + Mitchell Kiss

Two of the writers on our show who are gay were explaining their very different points of view. And one of them is very comfortable [with it]. The picture was shown of the two couples kissing in the airport [from the Hawaii episode] and he said “I would never ever kiss my partner in the airport.” And I asked why. And he said “I would feel like I would have that red dot on my head like someone was going to shoot me.” That’s his thing. That’s his point of view. That’s a legitimate thing. And that’s what we get into — what is making Mitch so uncomfortable. It goes to a very surprising place.

Modern Family creator Steve Levitan, who is straight but has gay friends, on what happened inside the writers room when everyone flew in to a rage over the show not having Mitch and Cam kiss [via

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  • Cam

    Wow, so now, as an excuse they are trotting out the internalized homophobia of some supposed writer. If this is true it just goes to show how Hollywood sees the rest of the country. So this guy, in the middle of a group of around 20 supportive relatives would feel like he was going to be shot for kissing his partner with relief? If he feels that way then I would have to assume that he would not walk with his partner pushing a baby carriage through their neighborhood either.

    What a crock.

  • Scott

    He’s not saying he feels like he would be shot, he’s just uncomfortable with the possibility of being gawked at. I know other homos who are just like this and while I’m totally comfortable with public PDA, they aren’t and that’s their business.

    I think it’ll be interesting if the series actually tries to explore Mitchell’s intimacy issues.

  • N

    dude is a pussy, scared to kiss your partner in public. straight bitch. have some nuts you should be comfy with your self and not give a fuck what others think to be able to kiss your BF/partner anywhere you want

  • Cam

    @Scott: said…

    “I think it’ll be interesting if the series actually tries to explore Mitchell’s intimacy issues.”

    You mean the intimacy issues that they never ever mentioned he had until they needed them as an excuse for why they’ve never kissed? ;)

  • scott

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: because their web designer sucks. :p

    btw, you are funny

  • Troy Boy

    I am so over “internalized homophobia” AND it’s victims.

  • NAP79

    I think CBS and the show are just dancing around the issue b/c they don’t want to lose their conservative (and boring) base.

    More importantly, I don’t get the appeal of this show anyway, at least to gay people. If I wanted to watch a show about some annoying people and their fucking kids I’d watch every other show on television. MF just assumes that all queers want to live in suburbia and push a stroller around for the rest of their lives w/ their equally repressed and delusional straight siblings. Snoozefest!!! Plus, one of the queers, the big one, is so mother-hen a-sexual it almost removes the gay relationship aspect. Its like the smaller one is married to Mrs. Doubtfire. Shouldn’t it be the straight married man that gains 100 lbs and his wife stops wanting to fuck him?!?! That’s more realistic.

  • j

    @NAP79: lol at the misses doubtfire bit

  • James Davis

    As much as I would have loved to see them kiss, I think it fit the characters. Cam I’m sure would have been find with the PDA, but Mitchell seems way to tightly wound to kiss his partner in such a public place.

    Just my 2 cents.


    @scott: TYVM :-p

  • Ms. Pink

    I’m over the show. So over it and its internalized homophobia. You’re afraid to show public affection but not afraid to adopt a Chinese Baby and deal with the issues that come with that? Give me a break.

  • rodrigo

    the network is ABC not CBS…

  • thedarkchariot

    Either, (a) as someone pointed out, have the show revolve around Mitchell’s intimacy issues, or (b) realize that this is television – fiction – and you are responsible for the images that you portray. Seeing a healthy well-adjusted gay couple on a mainstream sitcom can help many young gay people out there.

    I think the first option is much more interesting, but honestly, I don’t think the Modern Family writers are really that concerned about the three-dimensionality of the characters. (How real they are). I think that they are homophobic (I don’t care if you’re a “gay-friendly” show) and are using this as an excuse not to have Mitchell and Cameron kiss.

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