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Modern Family‘s Mitchell + Cameron Just Became Our Favorite TV Gays


This week we grabbed a sneak peek at ABC’s new single-camera comedy Modern Family — and scoped the type of promotion the network was doing for it. Well, we watched the show last night (you didn’t?!), and we can fess up: We loved it.


More importantly, we love the gays! Played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who is a real gay!) and Eric Stonestreet, Mitchell and Cameron are adorable. Mitchell is the uptight mess; Cameron is the bearish dramatic one. (And neither one reminds of us Will or Jack.) And then there’s the new Vietnamese adopted daughter to bring the whole family together. This isn’t a show about homophobia (although it’s already been included in one set of punchlines), but about the neuroses of your average divorced-cross-generational-interracial family that happens to have two gays dads. Please, tell us you can relate.

Which is why we’re perfectly fine with ABC exploiting the gay jokes in their promotions.

(Thanks for the pic, Eliot!)

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    This show was excellent!


    The way they didn’t tell us that they are all related until the end was brilliant!


    I pissed myself laughing watching Ed O’Neill’s character trying desperately to get out of his lawn chair at the soccer game. Love it! And two gay characters who look like average men and not models is great. “Look at the baby with the creampuffs.” Ha!

    So, how long before it gets cancelled?

  • Austin

    Hated it. Nauseating so bad.
    Switched over an watched Glee instead.
    So much better. And just as gay friendly.

  • andy

    just watched it on abc.com and loved it. can’t it be an hour?

  • sfhairy

    Loved it. Thought they were really good and look forward to more episodes to see how it develops.

  • Evan

    The Lion King moment made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

  • Cole

    enjoyed it. my only problem with it was the scenes were too quick and choppy. if i wanted to watch mtv i would.

  • RomanHans

    Glee is more gay-friendly? Last night their gay kid wore an outfit too glam for Liza Minnelli.

  • Daniel

    Loved the Lion King moment as well. Hopefully this show will survive for at least a season.

  • LoveMoby

    OMG, I didnt expect the show to be as funny as it was. Great 30 minutes of laugh therapy. Like Daniel, I hope it at least survives a season and yeah, the Lion King moment was funny as hell.

  • RJ

    Gave Glee a chance but I just don’t like the show. I don’t find it so much “gay friendly” as “gay pandering”. The two gay characters are flaming stereotypes, how original.

    Plus the writing is really uneven. Scenes jump around sporadically and their resolutions come at a breakneck pace. (ex: the football team rehearses their little dance number for about oh, a minute and a half, and then pull of their mid-game chorus line with perfection. The coach is all for it then he’s embarrassed by it, make up your mind!) I know it’s a fantasy show but come on.

    Also why are almost ALL the female characters whiny, manipulative bitches? Is anyone really interested in wifey’s fake pregnancy storyline? Oh yeah who the hell is the kid in the wheelchair? Why is he even there? They give him nothing to do!!! The pilot showed so much potential but so far… meh.

  • Ian

    @RJ: TOTAL agreement in that I find the gay rep pandering to an extent and the show just doesn’t ‘work’ for me. I also noticed how the three main bitch villians are all blond women, blond wife, blond coach, and blond cheerleader. Guess the creator was tormented by a blond bitch when he was younger.

    Modern Family meanwhile I like, but also won’t watch as ABC is notorious about cancelling half it’s shows midseason and I will NEVER forgive them for cancelling Pushing Daisies.

  • Jack Scribe

    Sorry…mincing stereotypical characters are not my cup of tea, or men. I changed channels and was delighted to find hot, uber-hunky Wentworth Miller playing a guest role on Law and Order.

  • James P. P.

    @Evan: my straight workmate was watching this during lunch on his computer when i walked into our shared office. it was the start of that whole section and i was laughing my ass off. by the time the Lion King entrance came i was curled up in my chair laughing so hard.

    it’s certainly not for everyone, but most intelligent “single camera” shows alienate people who can’t grasp the constant crossing mixtures of the subtle and the obvious. I just hope it doesn’t go the was of “Arrested Development” and more towards the “It’s Always Sunny” success.

  • hyhybt

    @Ian: I have a solution to that: if a new show looks interesting, but might not be around long enough to be worth bothering with I’ll record it and set it aside.

  • Marvin

    Haven’t seen it, but since I actually *can* relate to the neurotic, inter-racial family with two gay dads part, I’ll have to check it out tonight.

  • seymour

    Funny show. Good gayisms. Written by Christopher Guest (best in show, a mighty wing, spinal tap) Should be regular laughs for a while.

  • seymour

    OOps Christoper Lloyd (not guest) wrote the show #ifail. Sorry

  • Sara

    Love this show, wish it was a hour! Cameron and Mitchell are my fav!

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