Modern Family‘s Producers Should Embrace the Gay Kiss Campaign

The lack of gay kissing, or doing anything beyond hugging, on ABC’s Modern Family has the gays taking to Facebook to call on ABC, Lloyd-Levitan Productions, and 20th Century Fox to let the homos go further. We wanna see is a little snogging, is that so much to ask? Apparently so, at least for the time being, from the sound of the show’s creators.

It all started during May 5’s “Airport 2010” episode, where Claire and Phil got to kiss, but Cam and Mitchell didn’t. Unfair, they say! So co-creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan tried explaining it all away by saying Mitchell’s character has a problem with public displays of affection, and it’ll all be explained in an upcoming episode.

Fine? Not to the gays on Facebook! They’re still pushing for kissing! now! And producers aren’t caving.

Says Levitan: “We don’t quite get that controversy. We think the vast majority of the gay community finds the Cameron and Mitchell depiction to be very positive. Here we are the first show on television to show a committed gay couple adopting a baby, raising a baby. It seems to me that there are better targets out there than us. That said, everything we’re doing is based on character and that very issue will be addressed next season. But it was our plan all along to do so.”

He’s mostly right. We do love Cam and Mitchell’s storyline. It’s funny, comedically authentic, and consistently steals the show. But rather than retaliate against the campaign, Modern Family‘s producers would be wise to treat the campaign for exactly what it is: a showing of support from the gay community. It’s not that we’re unhappy with Cam and Mitchell’s plotline. It’s that we love it so much we want them to go ever further.

It can’t come fast enough. Nor can the top and bottom jokes, which are right around the corner, eh?