Artist Blends Pro and Anti-Homo Icons

Mogutin, Putin and Ahmadinejad Inspire Gay Doll

Looking for a last minute gift idea? Look no further than New York’s Leslie/Lohman gallery, which currently carries artist Fernando Carpaneda’s controversial creation: Charlie, the 12-inch gay doll:

[Charlie] was created by artist and his composition was inspired by both gay icons and notorious homophobes in contemporary history. The doll’s body was based on the Russian journalist and photographer Slava Mogutin, who is the most famous gay celebrity in Russia and was chosen by Carpaneda in “honor” of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, which banned the demonstrations of gay pride in the country.

The doll is featured in four versions: a skinhead, in tribute to the largest homophobic group in the world, another version dressed with gothic priest robe, like used by the priest Marcelo Rossi, a Brazilian Catholic icon, an Arab version and one Jewish version in tribute to the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The doll is also dedicated to the Pope, as he is one of the most homophobic religious leaders in history.

Charlie comes with either a flaccid or erect uncircumcised penis. Yes, even the Jewish ones, which is pretty queer.

Charlie’s selling for $300 at Leslie/Lohman.