Molly Wei To Testify Against Dharun Ravi In Tyler Clementi Trial

We’re guessing the high school friendship between Tyler Clementi’s tormentors is over, seeing as Molly Wei has decided to testify against Dharun Ravi. Both Wei and Ravi had been charged with several counts of invasion of privacy after allegedly filming fellow Rutgers student Clementi’s sexual encounter with another man; a filming which may have driven Clementi to commit suicide. Though the court will drop the charges against Wei, she will still have to complete 300 hours of community service, undergo cyberbullying counseling, and take classes about how to respect people of different backgrounds. Meanwhile, Ravi may spend a very long time in prison for “charges of invasion of privacy with bias intimidation because, prosecutors say, he targeted Clementi for his sexual orientation. Ravi has also been charged with witness tampering and destruction of evidence for allegedly deleting text messages, altering tweets that could implicate him in the crime and attempting to convince individuals not to testify against him in court.”