Name game

Mom discovers teenage son shares name with “prolific” adult film star

What’s in a name? Well, one concerned mom thinks a lot is riding on her child’s unfortunate name, and now she’s seeking advice.

By some estimates, 77% of employers will Google an applicant before hiring them, so it’s understandable that Mom is concerned her 17-year-old son coincidentally shares a name with a prominent adult film performer.

But is it really that big of a deal?

“We first realized this about two years ago,” she writes, “and the problem has only gotten worse, as the star has become more … prolific.”

“There’s no shortened form or nickname, and our son has no middle name, so we don’t have options but to legally change it.”

A legal name change does seem a tad extreme, and it seems her son agrees.

“The problem is our son does not want to do this,” she explains. “He doesn’t care about the overlap, it’s the only name he and everyone else has ever known him by, and a change will likely highlight the underlying reason.”

“Should we play the parent card and force a legal name change?” she asks.

The advice columnist comes back with a resounding: “Absolutely not.”

They elaborate a bit, but is that even necessary? Case closed.