Mom Drops A Perfect Gay Bombshell On Teen Son After He Comes Out

57441650-490x357Coming out stories can either make us wince (as was the case a few weeks ago) or brim with joy. We think it’s important to share both.

Teenager Hayden Smith recently uploaded a hidden camera video capturing the big “coming out” chat with his mom, and her reaction is so good it bears repeating.

The first five minutes is pretty typical awkward teen sexuality conversation (not bad, just awkward), but at around the 5:15 mark, she drops a bomb:

Mom: I’m ok with it, ok? I am ok with it. Can I tell you something, too? Since you opened up to me, I’ll tell you a little secret too.

Son: What?

Mom: I’ve had a girlfriend.

Son: ….ok

Mom: Not since your dads passed away. It goes both ways, you know? And I was always worried about what you would think.

We wish more parents would be this frank and open, and we wish Hayden the best of luck.

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You can watch the video below: