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A mom put a rainbow flag up outside her home and this note she received is amazing

A Progress Flag for LGBTQ rights outside a building
A Progress Flag outside a building (Photo: Shutterstock)

A grateful son has shared the letter his mom received through her door after she hung a rainbow flag up outside her house.

The son, Levi, 30, told Pink News that he gave his mom, Stephanie Robertson, and some friends the flag last year.

“She was excited to hang it up for the first time this year and kept it hanging up outside her home all throughout June,” he said.

“She texted me yesterday and was like, ‘you’re not gonna believe the letter I found in our mailbox,’ and sent me a photo of the letter.”

Levi posted it to Twitter. It’s now had over 744,000 likes and thousands of comments.

The letter Stephanie received said: “Hello, this is probably kinda weird but I walk past your house every day and I’ve noticed your flag and I’m glad to know there is at least one ally in this little town.”

It was signed “from a young LGBTQ person.”

Levi says his mom is a retired lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. She now works part-time as a support specialist for the Forest Service at Ozark St Francis National Forest. She bought Levi and his brothers up in Harrison, Arkansas. She has lived in Paris (pop. 3,500), a city in Logan County, since 2014.

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Levi said his mom is, “completely deserving of all the attention cause she’s such an incredible person.” He also added she’s now going to put a rainbow flag sticker up in her window all year round.

His tweet has had some amazing responses, with many discussing the power of visible LGBTQ support.

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Levi linked to his mom’s Twitter handle. On Saturday, she posted a message which appeared to reference the comments she’d received to her son’s tweet: “When I came home from leave in 2003-2004 from Iraq, the whole DAL clapped for us. “I feel so special”!! Y’all are making me feel special again. Thank you.”

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