Mom Shaves Homophobic Son’s Head, Forces Him To Walk Around Wal-Mart In Tutu

hipermercado_wal-martPolice in Rock Hill, S.C. were called to a local Wal-Mart after receiving multiple calls about a mother who had allegedly shaved her 10-year-old son’s head, dressed him in women’s clothing, and “paraded him around” the store as a form of punishment, reports the Washington Post.

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Officers arrived at the store on Sunday evening to find the boy dressed in a tutu, women’s boots, women’s undergarments, and a T-shirt. According to the report, his head was shaved “in an unusual manner, bald on top with a patch of wig on the front of his head” with the word “BAD” scribbled in permanent marker on the back of his head.

What did the boy do to deserve this?

According to police, his mother said she was “punishing her son for fighting and making homophobic remarks in school,” adding that “corporal punishment has been ineffective, so she was attempting to embarrass” her son as punishment.

Social services were called, but ultimately determined the child was not actually in any danger, despite the mother’s arguably “problematic” parenting skills.

“We’re not going to charge the mother with anything,” Rock Hill Police spokesman Mark Bollinger told the Washington Post. “The incident apparently shocked some customers and some some of the staff, and they gave us a call.”

Bollinger added that he believed the public punishment was “very unusual.”

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