“Mom” Tells Christian Host Disneyland Turned Her Teen Son Gay, Speaks In Tongues

imagesGay Days at Disneyland is coming up soon, the annual weekend when the happiest place on earth becomes the gayest place on earth.

So it’s the perfect time to revisit this absolute gem of a prank phone call.

Brother Russell — aka “Melba” — calls into a local Christian radio show to describe her experience taking her son to Disney World. As luck would have it, it turned out to be gay day.

“Can you tell me what you saw?” the host sincerely asks, adding “some of this you probably can’t describe on a family show!”

Russell’s delivery is pitch perfect as he, as Melba, explains that her son was recruited by the eighteen-year-old gay son of a Disney employee.

The whole thing ends with a creepy prayer and Melba speaking in tongues.

Well played, Melba. Well played.

Listen below: