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Mom’s reaction when she uncovers son’s OnlyFans page is absolutely priceless

An Orlando mom has gone viral on Twitter for her top-shelf response to discovering her son’s OnlyFans account.

Her son, Christopher, shared the text thread after one of his mom’s coworkers allegedly tried to expose his secret.

“My moms coworker just exposed me for having an onlyfans because she saw my photos on her sons phone and my mom confronted me,” he wrote along with posting two screenshots of the texts.

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“Christopher Michael,” Mom begins. “Why did Ms. Jamie tell me she saw your nudes on her sons twitter? Are you seriously posting your nudes for money?” she asks, seemingly upset.

Christopher responds: “I uhhhhhhh may or may not have an onlyfans? So I may or may not post pictures to promote it.”

“All hypothetical talk here btw,” he added.

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“Hypothetical? Are you kidding me,” Mom replies, not accepting the deflection. “She showed me the tweets, as your mother this is very worrying for me.”

“Kind of an awkward conversation to have over text don’t you think,” Christopher says.

“You can go ahead and call me if you’d like and try to explain it but I honestly don’t care, I was just pretending to care because Ms. Jamie was in my office still. Chase the bag boo,” Christopher’s mom wrote back. “Also I will be updating my Mother’s Day list and Birthday list and Christmas list for now on.”

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And just like that, we’ve added an important new phrase to our lexicon: “Chase the bag boo.” Thanks Mom.

“For everyone saying that this isn’t my mom here’s the photo to shut you up because it is haha,” Christopher wrote in a following tweet. “She’s 38 and looks good for her age so kindle (sic) back off.”