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Monét X Change on “All Stars 7”, her beef with The Vivienne, and playing mind games with Jinkx Monsoon

Monét X Change won our hearts, then won Drag Race, then won her way to the final lipsync of the first-ever all winners season. If it sounds iconic, that’s because she is.

The first official Miss Congeniality/season winner in Rupaul’s Drag Race history returned to deliver once again, and from the fashions to the vocals to a killer Mike Tyson impression, the sponge queen wasted no opportunity.

After twelve triumphant episodes and a new position as the lovely first alternate of all queens, Monét sat down with Queerty to take a look back and discuss what’s next.

QUEERTY: Last time we chatted, you had just been blocked by The Vivienne.

MONÉT: That wh*re.

Do you think justice was served in the end?

You mean justice was served like, “B*tch, you didn’t make it to the top four”? When I had the chance to block, I could’ve blocked Viv; I chose Raja instead. By that point, I had let bygones be bygones. I was mad at that b*tch for maybe 10 seconds, and then I got over it.

Anyone who knows me knows it’s hard for me to stay mad at someone, and Viv is a good friend. I was fine. I love her so much. We do a lot of work together, so it’s all good in the hood.

Watching Sibling Rivalry, it’s clear that you don’t hold a grudge – though you can get mad.

For sure, for sure.

Isn’t Sibling Rivalry about to go on tour?

Yes! It’s starting September 14. We’ve been designing with our creative director, and we start rehearsals at the beginning of August. Soon we can announce who the dancers are for the tour. We are VERY excited about the dancers for our tour. It’s all really great, fun stuff.

People think it’s just a podcast; it’s not a podcast. We’re doing a full drag show for the first half, and then we do a live podcast and a big closing number. It’s a very big show and we’re very excited about it.

You entered the All Stars finale with the most stars! How did it feel technically coming in as top dog?

“Technically”? It’s technically and whatever’s the opposite of technically. I was the top b*tch in the room! I had the most stars, so going into the finale, I was like, “Oh b*tch, you’re about to molly wop these hoes.”

Lipsyncing is something I’m very proud of, so I was very excited to showcase that talent into this Lollaparuza. Knowing that I had the most stars, I felt comforted even more.

Your lipsyncs this season have been great. After that spoken word lipsync that you absolutely smashed, they have to have more spoken words on. You set the stage.

They should. Before Drag Race I used to do spoken word lipsyncs a lot. It’s a very big part of New York City drag culture. Thank you to people like Lypsinka and Candis Cayne who really put it on the map in New York before it was cool. No shade to the rest of the country or the world, but before it was cool in other cities, New Yorkers were doing it.

Since I started drag 10 years ago, it’s always been a thing. So I love the spoken word, and they should put some more on there. They need to put The Devil Wears Prada’s “cerulean” monologue on there, and some other fun ones.

Honestly, I’m hoping for even a “sugar daddy” monologue. A little too self-referential, but still.

That would be hilarious.


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What was it like having to decide the tiebreaker going into the finale?

It was tough. Rupaul sprang it on me in that moment. I didn’t have any pre-warning – literally in that moment, I found out I had to make it. But I had my alliance with Trinity, so I knew I was gonna honor that. I knew I was gonna take her. I love Trin.

But I love Jada too! I really got to know Jaida and Jaida has become a good friend. But in that moment, I was like “Trinity, we have our alliance.” She’s my twinner; I was all about it.

You had your whole Survivor strategy going this entire season. You both made it to the top, so obviously you played a good game!

I don’t know if any Survivor fans are out there, but Parvati [Shallow] just messaged me on Instagram like two nights ago, so I’m freaking out. She’s my favorite Survivor player. I LOVE Parvati.

We gotta get you on a future season.

Hello! Jeff Probst, where he at? @ Jeff Probst.


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Is there anything that you would have done differently with your strategy?

No, I’m very happy with how I played the game. I’m proud of everything I did. I’m proud of everything I saw in the season and in this final episode. I have no regrets. I’m so happy with how I performed.

You got to display a lot of your talent. Your runways were already incredible, but you finally busted out the opera! What made you finally decide to give us the full basso profondo experience?

You know? That degree. I spent a lot of money on that degree, something that I was in debt for/still am in debt for, so I was like, “Let’s just do it.” It’s something different. I admit, I was a little nervous to do it. I didn’t know how people would receive it.

But it confirmed for me to never question your gifts again. If there’s something that you’re really good at and you get a chance to perform it on national TV, do it. Do it, do it, do it. I’m very happy that I did.


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Finally, what do you have to say to Ms. Jinkx?

I’d say to Jinkx, “Congratulations. Good job on the season well done.”

Jinkx and I painted next to each other the whole season. My favorite thing was just to tease Jinkx because she’s so neurotic. Like in the beginning of the season, she kept saying the phrase “boo boo the fool” that she had heard because Asia O’Hara would say it to her. She would say it all the time.

So by like episode four, she said something like, “I can’t believe I did that with my makeup yesterday, I looked like booboo the fool.” So I was like, “What did you just say?” And she was like, “My makeup, I looked like boo boo the fool.” I looked at her and was like, [Gasps] “Jinkx. You can’t say that.”She was like, “Oh my God. Monét, are you serious? I didn’t know it was problematic! I’m really sorry.” I was like, “Jinkx, I’m kidding.”

She had, like, a whole meltdown about saying “boo boo the fool”. My favorite thing was teasing her into making her think that she was problematic and was gonna get canceled the whole time.

Not the “#JinkxIsOverParty”.

It was great. She would always freak out. Everything. She was even like, “I love black coffee.” I was like, “Girl, you don’t say black coffee anymore. That’s offensive.” Then she’s like, “I’m sorry, I had no idea.” like “Jinkx, I’m kidding, girl.”

Honestly, I hope she’s thankful that you’ve inducted her into your club; you were the first winner with two official Drag Race titles. Now, Raja and her have been accepted into your club. It’s very gracious of you.

I know! Against my better judgment.

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