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  • staygoldenponyboy

    Man, that takes some balls of steel.

    Or rubber.

  • RPCV

    Ellen’s desperate for love and attention (besides hosting a totally obnoxious talk show). She needs a shrink. She’s the personification of what I’ve claimed all along: that gays, for the most part, are flaky, weird, immature and undeserving of special “marriage” rights……

  • Progression

    Ellen must be well aware of what could happen without a prenup, especially after her relationship with Anne Heche imploded so publicly. How wonderful for her that the breakup led her to Portia. Objectively, the risk to Ellen is minimal because her current net worth could be halved and she’d still be fabulously rich. She is investing in this relationship as the love of her life and making a public statement of her joy and confidence. That’s no different than what many other marrying couples do.

  • CondeNasty

    Ahhh the Heche story is not that convenient. Ellen actually threw over the photographer Alexandra Hedison for Ms. Portia Hotness. Alex, the woman who was there for Ellen when she had lost it all and was shattered. There is something about Ellen I just don’t find so cutesy anymore. I am sure there will be a tell all one day.

  • chuck

    RPCV said >She’s the personification of what I’ve claimed all along: that gays, for the most part, are flaky, weird, immature and undeserving of special “marriage” rights……

    Man, with a comment like that, you must be one of them thar self hating, Log Cabin Republickin varmits. Who else would make such a dumb statement?

    And while we’re on the subject, what is “special marriage” rights? Will gay married couples get something the str8 married couples have been getting all along?

  • Progression

    >>the Heche story is not that convenient.
    >>Ellen actually threw over the photographer
    >>Alexandra Hedison for Ms. Portia Hotness

    Not to gloss over Ellen’s ungrateful behavior, but isn’t that what often happens when dating someone on the rebound? According to, Ellen was with Hedison for 4 years, which is a not-insubstantial amount of time. In photos of the couples, Ellen seems so much happier and more relaxed with Portia than with Alex. Indeed, Ellen exudes an almost drunken giddiness with Portia. That must be why she’s willing to marry her and without a prenup. She’s had 4 years to be sure that Portia’s the one.

  • todd

    Don’t DO it Ellen. You’ve been burned before!

  • CAm

    You know, I mean this in a good way, but why shouldn’t gays be able to do daring, stupid, romantic, risky things for love/marraige. Good for you Ellen, I hope it doesn’t come back and bite you in the ass, but frankly I’m glad you have a little daring and romance in your life after dealing with that not really a bisexual nutcase you were with before. At least Portia was an out lesbian before you dated her. Cheers!

  • Golden.Girls

    I would marry Lindsay Bluth if it meant halving my income BEFORE the ceremony.

  • RPCV

    Golden Girls: Obviously, you’re desperate, too……

  • Golden.Girls

    Oh, RPVC, if only you knew what it was like to be desperate for the love of another human being (or sitcom character). Is that what separates the gays from the straights: a need for love?

  • molly

    I am just curious about something. If the opponents of gay marriage are going to put the issue of gay marriage in a ballot iniative in November and that ballot initiative passes, then would Ellen’s or any other couples’ marriages who have wed under the new CA Supreme Court decision then be null and void? So could we be seeing a situation where these couples could only be legally married for a few months until November 2008? Can the state of CA then come and say to Ellen and the other couples who have wed that you marriage is no longer legal?

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