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Mo’Nique and Miki Howard’s Special Message For Gay Black Men. Like Ex-Gay Christian Rapper J-Elijah?

Mo’Nique isn’t just the Academy Award contender. She’s also planting the seeds to — if she so chooses — become an outspoken advocate for the Gs. With a little help from singer Miki Howard on The Mo’Nique Show, the Precious actress laid it all out there: there should be no judgment about the homos in the black religious community.

Aside from recognizing the gays have contributed much to African-American culture, these two stunning ladies are sending a no-frills message to their brothers, Christian or otherwise, that just because previous generations were taught that homosexuality was sinful doesn’t make it so. (Cue to 27:50)

Maybe an intern should forward this clip to the likes of J-Elijah, the Brooklyn-based self-professed ex-gay Christian hip-hopper who stopped by Jamaica’s chat show Smile Jamaica (last year, it looks like) to share his good fortune. Nobody, J-Elijah says, is born homosexual. Except, uh, he himself says he had bisexual feelings at a very young age.

An episode of Tyra this was not.

And now a special treat for you, J-Elijah last week delivered the rap — in the bottom video — about the down low. Hell-o!

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