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Monkey HIV Has Been Around for 32,000 Years, Stunning Researchers

It wasn’t just a couple hundred years ago that simian immunodeficiency virus — the monkey and ape version of AIDS — began popping up in the animal kingdom. Rather, it’s been there for about 32,000 years, new research concludes. Too bad it still doesn’t explain what happened in the past 100 or so years that allowed the virus to jump to humans, become HIV, and give Christine O’Donnell something to bitch about.

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  • Sean

    Is there even a consensus on where it came from? I’ve heard eating monkeys (which can’t be the source–Africans have been eating African monkeys for hundreds of thousands of years) and the polio vaccine production from monkey organs in the 1950s. I saw a documentary on it, but I don’t know what the consensus is, or if there is one.

  • tallskin2

    Of course an even bigger question is our pubic hair lice – ie CRABS. Which we picked up from Gorillas – crabs are the body lice for this animal.

    Early mankind would, it seems, fuck anything.

  • Hilarious

    @tallskin2: That’s total bullshit.

    First of all do you think a gorilla would allow a human to fuck him/her? Secondly why would any human want to fuck let alone go near an animal that could break their bones with ease?

    It seems the ignorant would believe anything that belittles and insults those with brown skin.

    Ironically Europeans almost wiped themselves out by shitting where they eat and being too lazy to clean up, yet have the most nasty things to say about Africans.

    Give me a fucking break.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Hilarious: Most likely it was from being in the same vicinity as gorillas (i.e. traveling through the same patches of underbrush)

  • Yet Another


    I didn’t explicitly get “brown skin” or “African” from “Early mankind.”
    Maybe you should chill out.

  • adam

    @Hilarious: …You should just admit you don’t know what you’re talking about and quit while you’re ahead.

  • Carlyloo

    That is an ape not a monkey. Sorry it is just a thing with me. Chimps, gorillas, bonobos, orangutan- apes. No tails, genetically close to us.

  • Jeff K.

    Monkey HIV? Monkey-human immunodeficiency virus?

  • tavdy79

    @Jeff K.: the HIV viruses are two of a group of viruses called SIV’s (Simian Immunodeficiency Viruses) found in around three or four dozen African primates. HIV-1 is descended from an SIV originally found in Chimpanzees, and HIV-2 from an SIV from Sooty Mangabeys. SIVs are also known as African Green Monkey Viruses, so HIV is a monkey virus.

    Given the rate at which HIV mutates, and the similarities between Humans and Chimps, it’s actually surprising that SIVs haven’t crossed species earlier – which would explain the researchers’ surprise.

  • Blaine Ward

    Anyone who has done his homework knows that HIV was created in a laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland. It is a combination of the visna virus found in sheep and bovine leukemia. Add to that a herpes-type virus that causes KS and voila, AIDS is born. AIDS was to be used as a means of population control or rather depopulation–eliminate the “undesirables” in society. There are official government documents requesting the creation of an artificial agent that would destroy the human immune system. Google it and see for yourself. Do not believe any of this “aids originated in monkeys” bullshit. That is merely a smokescreen to cover up the truth. Fact is that a virus cannot jump species unless it has been engineered to do so. Monkeys that do have AIDS are monkeys that were experimented on and then released back into the wild.

    1083 gay men were injected with HIV contaminated hepatitis vaccines in Manhattan from November 1978 to 1979. The same was done in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver and St. Louis from March 1980 to October 1981. The rest is history.

    Of course, none of you will believe this because you have been conditioned not to. But to anyone who can still think for himself, you will know enough not to act like sheep and to not swallow anything fed to you by the mainstream media. So do your research and find out for yourself.

  • Ind

    @Blaine Ward: Anyone with a decent knowledge of biology will know that viruses can mutate by chance in a way that they jump the species.

    But I guess you will prefer to believe that HIV was engineered. The same way fundamental Christians believe that being gay is a choice and that, in fact, gays do not exist.

  • fuzz

    @Blaine Ward: Look up the word ‘zoonotic,’ will you?

  • Hilarious

    @Yet Another: Did you get it from the fact that he was talking about Africa specifically?

    You couldn’t add 2 and 2 together? Eh, what should I expect on Queerty.

    Maybe you should get a clue.

  • Jade

    Remember SARS outbreak in Asia and the bird flu. Viruses do mutate and get stronger and jump to humans bottom line that sick ignorant unfounded rumor about having sex with monkeys/apes is ludicrous. What early cavemen did does have effects later on human species. What undeveloped nations particularly the more culturally bound ones has effects on the entire world. It’s science and medicine hasn’t caught up with it yet.

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