hey, ok, yes, fine

This monosyllabic mom’s response to teen’s coming out amuses the Internet

A 15-year-old Reddit user said a “weight is off [his] chest” now that he told his mom he’s gay. And a screenshot of their text message shows his mom had the best — and briefest — response to his coming-out.

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Here’s how the text convo went:

“ive got a question.”
“can you keep a secret?”
“how would you feel about your son being gay?”
“ok, great!!”

The 25-word chat delighted commenters — one of whom wrote, “Just ‘fine’ is probably the funniest response I can imagine.”

Another commenter said, “Honestly, those are the best reactions.”

And a 16-year-old commented, “Mothers and their one-word answers.”

(A 14-year-old Redditor, hilariously, noticed something else about the screenshot, writing, “Mr. Popular over here with the 46 unread texts.”)

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The teen later shared more of the conversation, and his mom became more verbose after the teen said he was scared of what his dad would think. “It’s about you and your life,” the mom wrote. “You can’t make anyone happy. But you certainly bring me joy! … I love you! … Thank you for sharing with me. I’m honored.”

Best of luck to this young man — and congrats to him for coming out to an important person in his life!