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Montana Parents Save School Children From Learning Rectums Aren’t Always Exit-Only

Caving to parental pressure, administrators in Helena, Montana have wiped clean any mention of “anal penetration” for their sex ed program for fifth-graders, and made sure second-graders are never taught calling somebody a “faggot” is unacceptable.

A revised Helena schools sex education plan was bashed Tuesday by opponents as teaching too much too soon, but lauded by supporters as necessary instruction. School officials have been reeling from a torrent of criticism since releasing a sex education program this summer that included controversial plans to teach children in the first grade that people of the same gender can love each other, and to teach fifth-graders that sexual intercourse includes “vaginal, oral, or anal penetration.”

But those provisions were axed in revisions released earlier this month, as were plans to teach second-graders it is hurtful to make fun of gay people by calling them names. Instead, the proposal stresses current policy against bullying of all kinds — such as harassment for sexual orientation and many other reasons. The new plan also makes sure that starting in fifth grade educators are clear that abstinence from sex is a “healthy choice” and “the only 100 percent effective way” to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Other sections on general sex education remained the same.

In its stead, the new sex ed program calls for instructors to place an unripe banana on each student’s desk, shrug their shoulders, and walk away.

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