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Montana Republican Jason Priest Very Sorry for Calling Leading Economist a ‘Big Homo’

Jason Priest, the Republican running for a Montana State House seat, thought his message about John Maynard Keynes — the British economist who explained why capitalism doesn’t just create jobs on its own — being a big old gay would be private. Nope.

Priest is now very sorry that his postings on a friend’s wall (belonging to Michael J. Morse) went public after one of Morse’s friends screengrabbed the site and shared it with a one Allison Smith Estelle, who directs the community’s domestic violence and sexual assault program. (Estelle is also neighbors with Morse.)

What’d it say? Oh, just that Keynes was a “big homo” (well, he was) and that Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was the equivalent of taking it up the ass.

Priest’s beautiful apology letter insists: “My passion for controlling spending overcame my better judgment and my crude metaphor understandably detracted from the point of my comment. It was a poor choice of words and I apologize to anyone I have offended. … “I offended people with an in-artful and hurtful remark and I apologize for it.”