Months After Breaking Up, Kaleb and Kordale Announce They’re Expecting Baby #5


What a difference a few months make.

After announcing their split last July, Instagram’s most famous hot gay dads, Kaleb Anthony and Kordale Lewis, just announced they’re expecting a new baby.

“After a long time of trying and praying, we’re finally able to announce our pregnancy at 12 weeks!! (WE’RE PREGNANT!!),” the dads-to-be captioned a new photo of an ultrasound on their official Instagram account. In a follow-up post, the guys said they’re planning a gender reveal soon.

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Kaleb and Kordale became overnight internet celebrities two years ago after a photo of them doing their daughters’ hair for school went viral. Their new babe is due in October and will join their four other kids and three dogs.

Sounds like it’s gonna be a busy house.

Last summer, the couple unexpectedly split up. Cheating rumors swirled after Kaleb posted a long Instagram diatribe calling out Kordale’s untoward behavior. Neither of the guys revealed the reason for the split and, thankfully, it was only temporary.

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By Christmas they were back together and posting family shots again, saying, “Real love is hard to find. However when you do find it. Hold on to it. Love is not easy, fight for it like hell.”

Congrats to the dads-to-be!

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  • JerseyMike

    To many kids and to many dogs for me.. If they like it, I love it. Congratulations to them on their expanded family.. Love is not easy, fight for it like hell

  • money718

    Who cares. Raise the kids and quit being attention whores.

  • Blackceo

    Good for them. I’m glad they found their way back to each other. Infidelity to me is not a deal breaker so long as its not a constant thing. But oy…that is a house full. I still don’t want any children. I have 3 god children. Thats good enough.

  • scotshot

    The Duggars of gaydom. How tedious.


  • Masc Pride

    Maybe they should take a break from attention-wh0ring and head to the store to buy some spray detangler. That poor little girl looks like she’s in agony.

    • scotshot

      @stranded: People who are active on social media and have a lot of followers can make a ton of money.

  • Bob LaBlah

    It sounds good but “broadcasts” such as this sound more like they are looking for a reality series. But hey, if that talentless ass Catie Mae Jenner (or whatever the hell its calling itself these days) could land one then why not them?

  • OzJosh

    The biggest problem facing the world – and the biggest contributor to climate change – is over-population. Being a clueless middle-class American is no excuse. Having five children today is just flat-out irresponsible.

  • Kangol

    Beautiful couple, glad they’re back together, and congrats on the forthcoming baby!

  • DeserTBoB

    What bothers me about these two? They start their names with K….guess who they’re modeling their “public life” after….the Kartrahsian/Jenner freak show! NOT good!

  • GC1985

    Do they have the economic resources to take care of so many kids? How about stability even in their own relationship? I remain unconvinced.

  • Marky

    5 kids?

    That’s odd… I’ve never heard the word “gender” used in this context, ever. I’m pretty sure that it’s the “sex” of the child that they’ll be revealing.

    @scotshot: lol

  • justgeo

    Why The F(&% am I supposed to care or be interested? They aren’t good looking or anything. What are these people about?

  • Blackceo


    But you did care enough to come in here and post? Boy, bye!!

  • stranded

    I don’t get fame seekers from them like others here who have been criticizing them to be. They’re a normal modern couple who are active on social media. I’m sure since their fame 2 years ago, they’re prioritizing it more than most but nothing over the top.

  • nmharleyrider

    Sounds like a great environment for children what with the parents breaking up and getting back together. Must make them feel very secure.

    • scotshot

      @nmharleyrider: Tell that to the 50% of heterosexual marriages that fail.

  • nmharleyrider

    @justgeo: Are only good looking people newsworthy? Grow up!

  • robho3

    I have no idea who these people are…. Should I?

  • Tackle

    @justgeo: They look damn good! And unlike that hockey player who you find so hot, these guys will still be HOT at 50. It’s in the genes…

  • Bob LaBlah

    @nmharleyrider: I bet by now they know to stick with the one that knows how to cook. Children ain’t stupid. lol

  • Kangol

    @Tackle: Thank you. I don’t know why he said they were unattractive. Both are hot, and even hotter as a couple!

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