‘Moonlight’ Named Best Picture Of 2016 By L.A. Film Critics


The path of Moonlight has been a great one to watch. At first it was making the rounds in arthouse theaters, then some smaller venues in big cities, and then its momentum just kept carrying it along until it seemed to be getting buzz from just about everyone. Well, now we’re creeping into awards season, and that buzz has done its job: Moonlight was just named best picture by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

It’s been a better year for diversity in awards shows than years past; along with Moonlight‘s director Barry Jenkins, numerous other women and people of color won awards. That includes the makers of Certain WomenToni Erdmann, and The Illinois Parables, all of which had female directors. And I am not Your Negro won best documentary, along with Your Name from Japan for best animated feature.

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The LA Film Critics Association awards will all be formally handed out in mid-January, though generally only other other film critics will be aware of them.

Hopefully when we get to the awards show that more people really tune into, Moonlight will have racked up even more attention. It’s really a lovely piece of work, from the performances to the challenging portrayal of masculinity to Janelle Monae‘s cannot-look-away command of the screen.