More Anti-Gay Attacks, Churches Vandalized In Stockholm

Major shit’s going down in Sweden. Two more men were attacked in an anti-gay hate crime, the second since EuroPride began in Stockholm last weekend.

The two men were enjoying a night out in downtown Stockholm and were sitting outside Seven-Eleven on Klarabergsgatan at 4.20am on Wednesday morning when they were attacked.

“Three men approached them saying humiliating things and then started to assault them without provocation. They mentioned the Pride festival and that the men were gay,” said Bo Olsson at Stockholm police to Sveriges Nyheter.

The three suspects were caught and arrested at around 5am. The men are reported to be between 17 and 20-years-old.

Additionally, multiple queer inclusive churches that sponsored EuroPride have also been covered in fliers denouncing the gays.

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  • Psychofag

    Swedish men are sooo hot!

  • Brandon

    yea cuz that should be the message of this story!!! /end sarcasm

  • Sally Duval

    This makes no sense. Sweden is supposed to be progressive in its way, this is the kind of crap I expect from Russia, Hungary or Latvia. Where do these people come from ?


    ^It’s called unregulated and not well thought out immigration, Sweden has been infiltrated as of lately by huge amount of middle eastern immigrants and you what happens after that. Crime/Stupidity goes up.

  • ousslander

    It’ what happens when you allow unchecked immigration by Muslims who refuse to assimilate and what you to bow to them and their “culture”.

  • Queen

    Where do these people come from ?

    Most likely the Middle East

  • truth

    It happened to a guy I know when he was in Amsterdam. He was walking with his boyfriend when a Moroccon or Algerian guy spit on them. He turned around to confront the guy and the next thing he knew, five of them were on him. They beat the crap out of him. And he is a big guy.

    People are so afraid of being branded “racist” that this garbage has been going on there for a long time. The liberal media doesn’t help by not addressing the issue of immigrants who chose to move to Europe then refuse to assimilate and want things to go their way.

    Pretty sad.

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