More Bad News for NOM

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the offices of the National Organization for Marriage right now. Must not be a particularly cheery place, what with their recent high-profile losses, and now yet another investigation for improper financial arrangements.

This time it’s Iowa that’s regarding NOM with suspicion, due to their secretive fundraising around a campaign to replace Supreme Court judges.

Once mighty and strong, NOM is now under siege. Aside from the investigation in Iowa, legal strategies are moving along in quite a few states. This week, Pennsylvania and Tennessee are in the news. In Tennessee, two couples were recently turned down for marriage recognition, which means that the state’s now open to a lawsuit over its anti-gay laws.

And in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett is doing everything he can to stop Montgomery County from issuing licenses. But so far, he’s failed: marriages will continue for now, as a lawsuit makes its way through the court. Briefs are due next week, and then the suit is likely to proceed quickly to a ruling.

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  • Charles175

    Very interesting to see. The barrage of anti-gay rhetoric, the dire predictions of societal collapse etc., none of what is being stated is actually coming true. And therein lies the problem, the problem for them that is. As an example, the Netherlands has had gay marriage equality now going on 12 years. All of the crap, all of the B.S. being said against us, none of their rhetoric is coming true. And with none of these things coming to pass, the ball of marriage equality rolls onward. Anyway changing the subject, I read on another website that Russia now gives full official credibility to Bryan Fischer as THE “expert” on the topic of homosexuality. This after he publicly commended and congratulated Russia for passing its new draconian laws against gays. So the worst of the worst radio voice against gay people in America, Bryan Fischer is now looked upon as Russia’s official “expert” on homosexuality.

  • erasure25

    Does it seem like good news that the court has yet to stop the PA marriages? And regarding Russia, its a pretty good example of the actual harm that can happen when a government endorses anti-gay laws for no reason other than Mora disapproval: that violence is a direct result of govt-sponsored animus.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Maybe NOMskulls can get a job in Russia. They speak the same language.

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