More Bad News for NOM

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the offices of the National Organization for Marriage right now. Must not be a particularly cheery place, what with their recent high-profile losses, and now yet another investigation for improper financial arrangements.

This time it’s Iowa that’s regarding NOM with suspicion, due to their secretive fundraising around a campaign to replace Supreme Court judges.

Once mighty and strong, NOM is now under siege. Aside from the investigation in Iowa, legal strategies are moving along in quite a few states. This week, Pennsylvania and Tennessee are in the news. In Tennessee, two couples were recently turned down for marriage recognition, which means that the state’s now open to a lawsuit over its anti-gay laws.

And in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett is doing everything he can to stop Montgomery County from issuing licenses. But so far, he’s failed: marriages will continue for now, as a lawsuit makes its way through the court. Briefs are due next week, and then the suit is likely to proceed quickly to a ruling.