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More Bottoms Are Having More Sex in Houston. But Are They the Most Satisfied?


Thanks to Craigslist, we learned Houston was America’s city most saturated with bottoms. Thanks to Manhunt, we learned more people in more states claim to be tops across the nation. And now thanks to Trojan, we learn just which cities are having the most sex — and who’s enjoying more than anyone else.

Unfortunately, unlike the (unscientific) surveys conducted on Craigslist and Manhunt, Trojan’s data isn’t exclusive to gays. And yes, the study was piggybacking on a marketing campaign for Trojan’s new line of Trojan Ecstasy condoms — but who can’t support innovation in rubbers?


So what’d we learn? Houston is the city Americans are having the most sex in. Cross-reference that data with Craigslist’s reveal that Houston is the city with the most bottoms, and, well, you could assume there are more men with their legs in the air in Houston than anywhere else at any given moment. (Need a mental picture? Remember that Houston is America’s sixth fattest city.)

Fine, but who’s having the best sex? After surveying 1,000 men and women over 18, Trojan declares it’s Atlanta, where 73 percent say they enjoy a “satisfied” sex life. (Maybe it’s easier for them to score condoms there?)

Want to see if you live in one of the Top 10 cities? Click on through.

(NB: No, Trojan didn’t pay for this editorial. We just love our sex survey data.)