Disturbing Details Emerge About Gay Man’s Arrest At Hospital


Yesterday, Queerty reported that Roger Gorley was arrested and forcibly removed from a hospital where is husband, Allen, was receiving medical attention. Allen had been submitted to the Research Medical Center in Kansas City instead of St. Luke’s Hospital in Lee’s Summit where he regularly went for treatments of his depression.

This decision, which was made by Allen’s family, was in direct contrast to his and Roger’s medical treatment wishes. Even though Roger has power of attorney, his directions were not recognized by the family or the hospital staff.

According to ThinkProgress, Roger’s daughter Amanda gave a detailed account of what happened inside the hospital resulting in her father’s arrest. The site breaks down the account into the couple’s background, the dispute with the family that lead to the violent arrest and the aftermath.

Two of the most disturbing details to come out of Amanda’s account:

  • The nurse informed Roger that because of his agitated state, he needed to leave. When he explained that he intended to stay with his husband, she replied, “I know who you two are. You need to leave.” Refusing to acknowledge their legal relationship, she called the police to have Roger forcibly removed.
  • The police assumed because Roger is gay that he must have HIV. The brutal struggle had drawn blood, and one officer was so disturbed that he insisted on using gloves to handle Roger and refused to even take back his handcuffs.

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