More Emotional Statements From Tyler’s Gay Brother And Heartbroken Mother At Ravi Sentencing

Following emotional appeals from M.B. and Joe Clementi, both Tyler Clementi’s gay brother James and heartbroken mother Jane read written statements for the judge, jurors, lawyers and reporters in the room, but mostly for the news media the world round, which likely will run bits and pieces later today, tonight, and this week.

Here’s what Queerty transcribed from their victim impact statements to the world on what Dharun Ravi did to their loved one Tyler Clementi.

Both mom and bro noted how Ravi investigated Tyler before he came to school and met him in person.

“He discovered Tyler was gay… Dharun had already begun his plot to bully my brother,” said James. “There is no doubt in my mind that Ravi never saw Tyler as a person, but as an object of ridicule… From the moment a random computer decided Dharun and my brother would live together, my brother’s fate was sealed.”

Tyler’s mom Jane recalled how Ravi did not greet her, Tyler’s dad Joe, or Tyler when they were moving into the Rutgers dorm room. “Getting to know Tyler was not wha [Ravi] had in mind. He never knew the Tyler we knew, the humble, smart, intelligent, sensitive boy… All he found out was that Tyler was gay.”

They also noted Ravi’s lack of remorse, and his backtracking and covering up of evidence after the fact.

“The text message he sent hours after Tyler went missing… was a fake and insincere apology,” said James. “He never seemed to grasp that Tyler was a person.”

Jane Clementi (left) had even more choice words for Ravi: “His lying about disconnecting the webcame when he knew it was Tyler who did it was malicious and evil… I found it devastating to remember the number of times Tyler went back to [Ravi’s] Twitter page.”

“A piece of me died the day,” said Jane, who went on to say she felt “as if she were Tyler’s ears, eyes and minds” during the trial. “Even simple things entered into evidence like Tyler’s laptop reminded me how specifically he bought it.”