More Gay Anger Over Dobson Radio Honor

The fallout over James Dobson’s Radio Hall of Fame honor continues.

Truth Wins Out, which initiated the protest over Dobson’s nomination, released a statement yesterday “vowing” to protest the The Museum of Broadcast Communications’ Hall of Fame dinner:

TWO vowed to protest the annual awards dinner, the second Saturday in November, to inform the world of Dobson’s shameful and bigoted record.

“It is an affront for the Radio Hall of Fame to honor James Dobson, a right wing demagogue, who built his radio empire on the backs of gay and lesbian people,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “We vow to stand up and protest this outrageous insult and let the world know that Dobson is a dishonest, hatemongering ideologue.”

The release, which can be found here, also includes some of Dobson’s less-savory musings on the homos, like when he said we were going to lead to the planet’s destruction.