More Gay Men For Mad Men

Those of you who scoff at spoilers should look away…

Okay, now that we have all you die-hard Mad Men fans, let’s discuss last night’s episode, when young gun ad man Kurt – played by Bosnia-born Edin Gali – countered gossip about him and perpetually picked on Peggy by coming out. “I am a homosexual,” said the handsome Euro, bringing about less than politically correct – but oh so timely! – ribbing.

First, people assume he’s confused, because he’s German and, you know, language barrier. But,, not, Kurt’s as straight-forward as possible, “No, I make love with the men, not with the women.” Adorable!

Creative type Sal, the closeted character played by the very out Bryan Batt, simply doesn’t know what to do with himself, but Ken Cosgrove, who Sal sort of lusts after, quips about not wanting to work with the “queers.” Curt’s pal Smitty, meanwhile, defends his pal Kurt by snorting that Curt can’t be the “first homo” he’s met in the world of advertising.

Later in the episode, Kurt and Peggy meet-up for a Bob Dylan concert, the spark for the original romantic gossip, but Kurt insists on giving Peggy a make-over. Of course. We would be more upset about this bit of stereotype, but were a bit confused: didn’t Bobbie Barrett already give Peggy a make-over after Peggy helped her recover from the car crash? And, also, Barrett’s make-over was much better than Kurt’s, who simply updated Peggy’s school girl style to reflect the Sixties, rather than the Fifties.

Regardless, we love that this show’s getting more gay as the days go on.