More Homophobes Lose Reality TV Show

bnham brothersOkay, let’s talk about the Benham brothers, so then we can be done talking about them and never talk about them again.

Here’s the story in a nutshell, which you may already know if you have any outraged homosexual friends on Facebook: the network HGTV picked the duo up to make a show about houses, then the internet freaked out because they are actually pretty monstrous homophobes, and then HGTV decided not to make a show about them after all.

This isn’t the first time that a reality show has been derailed by homophobic hosts (ugh, Duck Dynasty, please do not make us remember that whole saga). At this point, we would kind of like to see a reality show about trying to make a reality show with a terrible horrible cruel awful host.

What’s so bad about the Benham brothers? Well, aside from being house-flippers, which is loathsome enough already, they have lots of rotten things to say about gay people. And also about women who have the audacity to assert control over their bodies.

They spout the usual garbage about stopping “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation” and about having “fought” to prevent gay couples from getting married. One of the brothers called abortion clinics “altars of Moloch,” good grief.

“Islam takes life and enslaves it,” says one of the brothers. Also: “In the Leviticus passage above it says that death is the consequence for homosexual sin.” That’s true. What a great book to base your life on.

And then there’s their delightful father, who protested outside mosques and yelled “Jesus hates Muslims,” which is great.

For their part, history’s greatest monsters the Benhams have put out a statement reading in part, “our faith is the fundamental calling in our lives, and the centerpiece of who we are. As Christians we are called to love our fellow man.”


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  • tardis

    I don’t get Christians. It’s either they don’t know what they believe or they’re just following the faith blindly. He quotes Leviticus, but the laws of Leviticus were meant for the people of the desert. Not for the world.

    And why do people insist on syncing homosexuality and Christianity in the same category.

  • sfbeast

    Why don’t the producers of this junk do a better job of vetting the people they plan on filming? Plus you can be sure these guys break whatever commandments they don’t feel like following. And the Duck bunch seem to still be going……wasn’t the father at the White House Correspondents Dinner?

  • barkomatic

    Glad to hear these guys wont get their show. If they would have aired them, they would become martyrs for the right like the Duck Dynasty fakers.

  • Cam

    “””Here’s the story in a nutshell, which you may already know if you have any outraged homosexual friends on Facebook: “””

    Outraged homosexual friends?

    Was this article written by a straight guy mocking gays or something?

  • Bromancer7

    @tardis: These people aren’t Christians. They may spout scripture and go to church every Sunday, but it takes a whole lot more than that to be a real, true Christian.

    These are just sad, hateful people who use Christianity as a sword and shield to persecute those that are different from them.

  • James Hart

    I don’t know these men, but I think that deep down they hold these views because they may harbor homosexual inclinations which they can’t bear to face because they are so steeped in their religious faith. I sometimes wonder if they are secretly thinking of men when they are f*****g their wives. To be honest, if I saw these guys in Chelsea, I’d swear they were gay. I’d love to see the websites they peruse in the middle of the night while they’re wives are fast asleep.

  • Desert Boy

    Props to HGTV for kicking these two Bible thumping bigots to the curve!

  • hotshot70

    people like that should not be called Christians, because they no Christ-like traits. Jesus loved everyone. These people are haters.

  • Cam


    Actually yes we can. If somebody tells me that they are made out of gummie bears I can easily say “No you aren’t”. If somebody tells me that they are a member of a certain religion and then pretty much break all of the tenants of that religion they can absolutely be called out on being false and hypocritical.

  • aliengod

    This story makes me want to drive to my local mosque and scream “Jesus hates Muslims”. Who cares!

  • sejjo

    Haven’t these guys heard of the gay mafia? They have no sense of self-preservation. ‘Adapt or die’.

  • Cam


    And by “Die” you mean they won’t get paid and rewarded to spout their bigotry.

    Interesting definition of “Death” you have there.

  • sejjo

    @Cam: Yes, it’s an allegory that comes from nature and evolution.

    Animals have to adapt to their surroundings or die. Fish for instance can’t live outside of water, and to live successfully on land, they need to evolve accordingly. These brothers are fish out of water. They live in a world that is increasingly hostile to bigots and if they don’t evolve, they will suffer a loss of opportunities, especially in showbiz, and won’t be able to make a living (and thus suffer a figurative death).

  • CleJoke


  • CleJoke

    NAZI pink maffia is at it again. I hate all these protest everything campaigns. Chcik-fil-a, Walmart, Target, RuPaul’s Drag Race… the list is endless!


    damn curmudgeons

  • WuzUpYall

    @CleJoke: Are you going to copy and paste this comment on every story?

  • WuzUpYall

    You KNOW that there was plenty of lights-out playtime between these two.

  • T101

    They’re HAWT!!! Like to see the both of them barechested and working the house all day long.. maybe a little brother on brother stuff (kidding)…

  • mikehipp


    Bullshit. The lamest sentence in the English language is “they’re not true Christians because they don’t believe what I believe”.

    They are every bit as much christian as any other christian is. The bible can be made to support almost any point that you’d like to make. These people you say aren’t real christians read the same bible that you do and believe in the same sky daddy that you do.

  • Horse Lips

    Never heard of them and wish I never had. What couple of douches.

  • Captain Obvious

    Don’t really care either way to be honest. And how many shows does HGTV really need about the same thing? They should just stick to the shows they have, it’s almost as bad as Food Network at this point.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    Good. Fuck them. That’s what they get.

    Would I like to see ’em naked tho? yep!

  • lykeitiz

    When I first heard them talking, I assumed they were out gay men …. until I heard what the d-bags were saying.

  • Billysees


    ” They may spout scripture and go to church every Sunday, but it takes a whole lot more than that to be a real, true Christian. ”

    Say it again friend….say it again. A very excellent comment.

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