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  • CitizenGeek

    Awesome! The Nordic countries really are leading the way when it comes to equality!

  • M Shane

    The Socialist Party was reelected in Spain just this Week. and legalized gay marriage.

    An associate of mine who is Norweigian claimed that they want equality amonst their own people but are not too accepting of people from other places.

  • Judas

    eh? what? “Not too accepting of other people…”


  • CitizenGeek

    ^ Such is the way with most countries. Many cultures find it difficult to adapt to influxes of foreign nationals: I know that’s the case here in Ireland, anyway.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    No Way! I’d like to buy a consonant please, Alex.

  • M Shane


    My friend , who is a Minnesota Norweigian remarked that he had gone to visit his relatives and that they were more unfriendly than Minnesotans to people from the rest of Europe.

    Most people who come from elsewhere have a great deal of difficulty forming friendships, or even talking to people. I ‘m not saying this to antagonize anyone. Most Scandinavian people settled here to farm. My own extended family and siblings moved away because the prejudice while passive-aggressive was impossible to overcome.

    Personally I can’t and won’t make any statements about people in Norway.

  • M Shane

    Citizen Geek:

    My family is very Irish, and we have never had any problem embracing people from other cultures and races. In fact, we’re all very gregarious as is my extended family. I had heard that other Irish people were friendly and curious about other people: that’s a letdown. Maybe it’s just my family and peope I’ve met.

  • ibrahim waled

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