More of Scott Herman’s Tendency to Strip Down to His Underwear


Our affinity for The Real World: Brooklyn‘s Scott Herman has been well-documented already. But then he had to go on a test modeling shoot on last night’s episode, take his shirt off, and strip down to his Calvins, which means our attention remains undivided. The video:

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  • cruiser

    Missed that one! Damn, oh well better luck next time. As much of a (I hate to use this term but here goes)weenie as he is, he is still the hottest one out of the whole pathetic cast(nothing against the TG)and quite possibly the only one with his head screwed on halfway (forgive the term)straight!

  • TylerOakley

    He is too hot for his own good.

  • cruiser

    @TylerOakley: I’ll second that!

  • Geoff

    @ #1 Cruiser: you can watch the episodes on (I can’t believe I know this)

  • tavdy79

    @cruiser: And I’ll third it!

    (even if he has shaved off all his body hair)

  • getreal

    I just don’t get the appeal he seems so bland. Like a mayo and wonder bread sandwich . But I guess we all have our own tastes.

  • Michael

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but I was worried that he was bringing girls over for a photo shoot on the bench with that vacant stare and odd poses.

  • hardmannyc

    He’s too short & stubby to be a model, and he’ll NEVER be an actor, but he could make a nice chunk of change as an escort.

  • JD

    He reminds me in some ways of Joseph Sayers. Who is also short, but made it very big in the modeling world. I think Scott has a chance as well.

  • Bob R

    The camera likes this guy. And I’m talking about both the still camera and the video camera. He has good qualities, he’s animated and lively when he speaks and comes across very well on video. He seems intelligent, I didn’t get the impression as I do with other “aspiring models” that when he opens his mouth his brains fall out. I’m impressed, I hope others are too. I think, with some training and coaching, he could very well get into the movies (and by that I don’t mean porno)or perhaps theater. I hope he gets a good agent and he gets cast in a couple of roles on tv or perhaps a feature film. I hope he makes it. Seems like a good kid.

  • hardmannyc

    I find it kind of refreshing that he at least admits he works out all the time & likes to show off his body. Nice to see a str8 guy fess up for once. Funny how they show him standing tippytoes for his body shots. It pushes the butt up and closes the calves. Which is why drag queens (and girls) look so good in heels.

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