More On Gay “Kidnap” Dad Arrest

Eric Hyett’s getting a taste of Oz, and not the one with Dorothy.

As we reported earlier, Hyett, a gay man who gained notoriety for taking his son to Israel without the other father’s approval, was arrested in Boston this morning and extradited to New York, where he’s awaiting arraignment. That was supposed to go down today, but Hyett’s trying to assemble a proper legal team.

An Israeli judge ruled last week that Hyett and his estranged husband, Joshua Glazer, must hash out their differences here in the United States. Glazer and his family had followed Hyett to Israel and reclaimed the son.

With all parties back in New York, more details on Hyett’s potential charges are beginning to take shape, like that he allegedly forged Glazer’s signature on passport documents in order to take their son. And, while it sounds like kidnapping, this case is actually a custodial interference case, which isn’t as glamorous.

Anyway, Hyett remains in prison until at least tomorrow, when he’ll be arraigned.