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More People Complained About Jan Moir’s Stephen Gately Column Than Anything Ever Before


Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir racked up 22,000 complaints with the Press Complaints Commission over her “blame it on the victim” column about the death of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately. That makes her PCC’s most vilified offender ever — with more complaints coming in over that single article than the organization has received in the last five years. Ah, life in the Twitter era.

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  • Jack

    We’re all well aware that the tabloid media traffics in lies and deception. We grudgingly accept that, although we feel pity for the misguided, unquestioning few who are taken in by it. However, when the purveyors of this junk begin to trade in venomous, hyperbolic hatred, barely-concealed bile, and that unique sort of malicious schadenfreude gained from the taunting of a grieving family, it’s time a line was drawn. Jan Moir is welcome to feel smug and content in her own deluded self-righteousness, and her self-congratulatory, smirking sense of “morality”, but she has to face the consequences of her words.

    The British public has a greater sense of decency than she’d like to give them credit for.

  • alan brickman

    what makes you think being gay and coming should get you a free pass from the tabloids?? pretty arrogant and dumb if you ask me…

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