More Proof Gays & Blacks Rule Talk TV


We have this theory about daytime talk shows: gays and blacks OWN THIS SPACE. Oprah. Ellen. Rosie. Tyra. Maybe Wendy Williams. Soon, Carson Kressley. Among the daytime talk shows that couldn’t cut it? Those from straight white ladies: Sharon, Megan (bi?), Jane. Sure, there are exceptions: Bonnie Hunt is still on the air, and that Dr. Phil guy is around. But we’re batting pretty well with our theory. And the argument just got stronger: ABC just greenlit The Aisha Tyler Show, giving the former Soup host and Comedy Central special headliner her own talker (though it’s for syndication or cable, not ABC’s broadcast network). And it’s only a matter of time before Oprah protege Nate Berkus graduates from sidekick to full-blown show host.