More South Africa Marriage Drama


As devoted readers of Queerty and news-saavy beauties, you know that South Africa, which touts the world’s most progressive constitution as one of it’s many accomplishments, has a gay-marriage vote on the horizon. Some prominent politicians from the African National Congress (the party that led the fight against apartheid) want to inject a little “morality” into their legislation, calling for a “conscience vote.” This would allow politicians to vote according to their personal beliefs, rather than following the High Court’s order that a same-sex marriage bill be passed by December 1.

In South Africa’s The Independent, Angela Quintal writes:

At the ANC caucus meeting this week, ruling party MPs made clear their opposition to the Civil Union Bill, which will legalise same-sex marriages and also resurrected the need for a “free vote”.

ANC and government officials acknowledged that more ANC MPs were opposed to same-sex marriages than in favour and that the ruling party had a mountain to cross.

Um…yeah! For those keeping track, this is the same party that can credit their success to maintaining an inclusive line during the struggle for liberation. While many in South Africa insist this is nothing but a stumble, it seems that the ANC needs to look into it’s past to pave the way for their future. If not, “hypocrisy” will have new meaning. And we’ll have to find a new favorite vacation spot, which will really suck…

“Anti-Gay Union MPs Call for Conscience Vote” [The Independent]