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More Superheroes Like Brian Sims, Please

Oh, this is just excellent. Brian Sims, formerly the Bloomsburg University college football captain and son of two Army colonels, tells the class-act website I’m From Driftwood about how he came out to his team. Or rather, they came out to him — as accepting. “I couldn’t go anywhere without one of my teammates pulling me aside for that quiet moment, that, ‘Hey, man, just wanted to let you know, I heard and it’s really cool with me, I got no problems with that, sorry about anything I might have said.’”

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  • Alexandre

    I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
    He is courageous, amazing, etc.

    BUT HE IS HOT!!!!!
    MMMM!!! I love me some american boys like that!

  • Cam

    So for all those people that keep telling people not to come out because they will be crucified in the sports world….take a look.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Note to John Amaechi: here is the future of sports and how gay athletes will treated. It won’t be someone like John who was closeted his entire career (not hating, just saying) but rather more folks like Brian Sims who are going to come out in college and high school to the resounding noise of acceptance.

  • Tom in COS

    @Alexandre: Completely and utterly agree.

  • A now confused John from England (used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Guys, guys, guys…

    You’re all smart right? Or not?

    Brian Sims was THE football Captain. Think Gareth Thomas who was also Captain.

    Even G Thomas said that he knew he has to BUILD a solid and powerful reputation to get these guys to respect him.

    So it makes sense it’s that ‘easy’. Plus Sims would never be able to go Pro, I wonder if he would’ve come out then?

  • Douglas

    An inspiring story and a nice piece of man. Made my afternoon.

  • sal(the original)

    aww sweet story

  • alan brickman

    hey John…this guy is a real hero…not you…

  • justin

    Queerty, you have made this video SO popular in comparison to “I’mFromDriftwood”‘s other videos… I’ve been following the blog and the videos for a while now and I’m From Driftwood is probably one of the best things I’ve come across on the internet.

    PLEASE feature this channel more often on Queerty that so it gets more views and subscribers. This is a project that really deserves to be shared with everyone.

  • Alexandre

    I agree with @Justin!
    More of this, less DaveyWavey!!!

  • Jaroslaw

    Oh Alexandre – I soooo agree. Glad he courageous, I really admire him. I do. But still, he is YUMMMMMY.

  • DavidG79

    What an inspiring story! My college teammates still don’t know that I’m gay and it makes it really hard to stay good friends with them because I can’t share things with them. I wonder how they’d respond to this story.

  • blackjack44

    this story is fucking awesome!

  • Rhett

    What a great story; it’s great to see someone who is so confident, talented and sharing his story. While aware of sensitivities, I too had a very easy coming out. To all of you out there: be yourself, work hard at that and you’ll be accepted whoever and whatever you are. True love has no boundaries.

  • Tom

    It is a nice story, but that’s what happens when you’re the on the football team, you’re popular, and part of the in crowd. It is a very rare situation. For the rest of the closeted at school community it will be a very different story. Shame society is still this small minded.

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