More Trans Action At ‘Out’

Just a little update for y’all. Out posted its Trans Issue interview with actress Tilda Swinton, as well as some more David Armstrong shots.

Also, Out Editor In Chief Aaron Hicklin informs us that Trans Issue guest editor T Cooper signed on for a bimonthly column in the gay glossy.

He’ll switch off with long-time staffer Jesse Archer.

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  • DcLadyGov

    And who cares? Trans stories for OUT – what is next? Nothing to do with any of the readers who have been supporters of this mag for years.

  • Sooobusted

    and how about something really important?

  • Gregg

    Just because the Queerty folks write for OUT does not mean that all the crap the put on about OUT is not interesting. This has nothing to do with anything that I am interested in, and is actually a bit disappointing as I am a gay male and all their latest works seems to be focused on women and straight — but OUT is a good magazine. Lay off them for being in the poor house.

  • Hellskitchen

    Just a quick update on a non-story that no modern gay guy really cares about. How about you focus on a successful company such as Details, rather than showing off this rag you write for that is sinking.

  • Sexinthecity

    More TRANSition as they company goes bankrupt.


    That was bad English Sexcity – it is as THE company goes bankrupt – down the toilet…

  • James


    Who knew you spoke for modern gay guys? Always good to know who my spokespeople be!

  • HellsKitchen

    I am sorry James – I did not want to offend you. If you consider yourself a modern gay guy and like the stuff that OUT is turning out, I say you go! I respect everyone. I am not the spokesman for anything:)

  • James

    It’s all good HK. Giving you a little grief. I haven’t looked at Out in years. Will check this issue out though because friends are involved.

    And please get it right: I’m a pre-modern gay man.


  • HellsKitchen

    Cool – I read Genre and Esquire, actually.

  • JohnnyR

    YEs HK, as you can see, when Queerty or should I say Ms. Andrew, has her bread buttered by a certain organization or publication such as Out where she has a vested interest, she is all flowers and roses and so forth. However, when it comes down to Genre or HX (which used ot employee the bitter queen) then it’s all evil and hate. And he tries to say that it has nothing to do with his relationship with Out Magazine.



    Oh Andrew. Sometimes you’re too transparent for words.

  • hisurfer

    So … I don’t get it. Is Tilda Swinton a man? Or drag king? Or does she just play one in the movies? Did she, actually, play one in the movies? Is she even a dyke?

    I mean, come on. How is she the headliner for a “trans issue?” Isn’t this like what’s his name using straight models for his article on gay relationships? If the magazine is going to do a trans-issue then they should at least have the cojones (ahem) to put a trannie on the cover, and not just a seriously butch dame.

    If Tilda Swinton is transgendered then I apologize in advance and take this all back.

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