Mormon Momblogger Sides with “Frozen” Villains, Thinks Film Pushes Gay Agenda

dixie lynn cartwright frozenAn upset Mormon mom has posted a lengthy blog post about how Frozen is all about homosexual indoctrination, which is mostly just a lot of blah blah blah. But hey, let’s respond, not because we think she makes a good point but because we’ll take any excuse we can to talk about Frozen.

The thrust of her argument is that the movie is about coming out, accepting yourself, and falling in love on your own terms. Yes, it is certainly about that! And if you wanted to, you could definitely see that as a metaphor for being gay. You’d have to be kind of obsessed with queerness to jump to that reading, but some people are and that’s fine.

What’s so nutty about her analysis is that she seems to really understand the film, and then jumps to totally the wrong conclusion at the end. She correctly observes that society shuns gays (well, Mormon society does, at least; mainstream society not so much these days). She observes the damaging effects of fear of the unknown and unexamined prejudice. She notes that equality is all about love.

So this Mormon blogger totally gets it! …Except the conclusion that she draws from all those observations is, essentially, “isn’t it terrible?” She’s basically siding with the bad guys. Her takeaway is that Arendelle was just fine until that pesky Princess started causing trouble, and she probably should have just stayed in the mountain.

But enough worrying about what some sad mom is blogging about. Here are some delightful covers of Let it Go for you to enjoy.

(Okay it’s not the same song but we would really like to see a mashup.)