Mormons Demand a Mormon Apology? A New Anti-Gay Anglican Church?


Uproar in the Mormon Church! Uproar in the Anglican Church! All over some silly homosexuals.

Live from Salt Lake, some gay sympathizing Mormons are calling on the church to relax its anti-gay marriage stance and to get its hands out of the political debate. The group of current and former Mormons (and non-Mormons!) launched, a website that shows pictures of homosexuals embracing. Their mission? Get the Mormon Church to apologize for treating gays so badly. While they’re at it, how about an apology for once using electroshock therapy to zap the gay out of some parishioners?

Elsewhere in the house of God, a band of Anglican worshippers (claiming to represent some 100,000 people) have formed the Anglican Church in North America, which is, if we’re following this correctly, a splinter group from the the U.S. Episcopal Church. What’s so great about the newly formed ACNA? It will ban gay and female bishops! Spearheaded by Pittsburgh’s former Episcopal Bishop Robert Duncan (he was removed by the Episcopal Church in 2008), the group will convene on Monday for a 3-day extravaganza in Texas, composed of 28 dioceses from around the country, to get their crap in order so they can begin officially preaching hate and exclusion. Let’s hope the price of admission comes with a complimentary whistle, useful for identifying those fags silly enough to think they can be one with their lord and savior.

(Photo: Brent Dundore/Frontiers)