Mormons Demand a Mormon Apology? A New Anti-Gay Anglican Church?


Uproar in the Mormon Church! Uproar in the Anglican Church! All over some silly homosexuals.

Live from Salt Lake, some gay sympathizing Mormons are calling on the church to relax its anti-gay marriage stance and to get its hands out of the political debate. The group of current and former Mormons (and non-Mormons!) launched, a website that shows pictures of homosexuals embracing. Their mission? Get the Mormon Church to apologize for treating gays so badly. While they’re at it, how about an apology for once using electroshock therapy to zap the gay out of some parishioners?

Elsewhere in the house of God, a band of Anglican worshippers (claiming to represent some 100,000 people) have formed the Anglican Church in North America, which is, if we’re following this correctly, a splinter group from the the U.S. Episcopal Church. What’s so great about the newly formed ACNA? It will ban gay and female bishops! Spearheaded by Pittsburgh’s former Episcopal Bishop Robert Duncan (he was removed by the Episcopal Church in 2008), the group will convene on Monday for a 3-day extravaganza in Texas, composed of 28 dioceses from around the country, to get their crap in order so they can begin officially preaching hate and exclusion. Let’s hope the price of admission comes with a complimentary whistle, useful for identifying those fags silly enough to think they can be one with their lord and savior.

(Photo: Brent Dundore/Frontiers)

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  • galefan2004

    Both of these items are good news. The more religion fights among itself the weaker that it gets. A church movement of 100,000 is a joke in this day and age. The fact that they removed their voices from the much larger Episcopal Church is good because now the real church can go ahead without listening to these whining bitches. I also love how the Mormon church is starting to fight amongst itself. You can’t continue to preach a message of hate without eventually falling apart. Its why love is mentioned the most in the bible and the word hate doesn’t even exist in the bible.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Please also note that the new “Anglicans” will be in communion (either directly or spiritually) with Peter Akinola, who advocates Nigerian Legislation that abrogate any freedom of speech, assembly, petition, protest, or religion for LGBT Nigerians. Akinola has ties to Muslim-Christian violence and to Robert Mugabe. Akinola’s legislation in Nigeria also would throw any straight person practicing a faith (even attending a service) that recognizes SSM in jail.

    Akinola and his fellow travellers in Uganda refused to condemn beatings of Gays in a Press Conference in Jerusalem. Twice.

    If these “New Anglicans” were so concerned about the presence of a Bishop in another Diocese (New Hampshire), then what does it say about them if they would choose to commune with Akinola.

    I’d like to see what some reported prominent “New Anglicans” such as Congressman Peter Roskam, Fred Barnes, Congressman Aderholt, and Michael Gerson think about jailing people for freedom of religion and denials of basic human rights by their allies in repression..oops I mean religion.

    Remember they left over Robinson. If the don’t leave over Akinola, it speaks volumes.

  • galefan2004

    @Tom in Lazybrook: God that is even better news. The farther to the right you can get the more likely it is that the moderate (the far majority of this country) will ignore you because of it.

  • schlukitz


    the word hate doesn’t even exist in the bible

    I don’t know about that, never having read the bible from cover to cover.

    I do know, however, that there are some pretty glaring examples of hate from some of the horrid things the bible urges it’s readers and believers to do.

    Ordering a father to slay his own son or stone one’s daughter to death are not exactly examples of love, to my way of thinking.

  • Jake the libertarian

    Shock therapy was addressed in the petition.

  • galefan2004

    @schlukitz: Those are all in the old testament (which as a Christian should be written off) and the Torah. The christian faith believes that the old testament was fulfilled when the great sky daddy sacrificed himself to himself. I don’t know how any gay man can not have complete and utter knowledge of the bible. I’m not christian by any means, but I like having the ability to form intelligent arguments on all grounds and when someone wants to bible bash me I like being able to correct them.

  • darek

    Banning gay and female bishops? Why not just become catholics?

  • schlukitz


    It makes good sense to know thy enemy.

  • PG

    Thanks for raising awareness that Mormons are not monolithic and that some Mormons are not hostile to gays nor gay rights. All of the stuff lately about how Mormons shouldn’t be allowed to work in the DOJ on matters relating to sexual orientation equality was beginning to bring back the post-Prop. 8 image of the gay community exhibiting racism and religious bigotry regardless of an individual black/Mormon/Catholic’s vote on Prop. 8. I hope everyone remembers to evaluate people as individuals instead of making assumptions based on labels.

  • I pliss

    The funny thing is. I hooked up with to Mormons! they came knocking on my door. I had soft porn on and they were talking and I didn’t turn it off. 2 nights later one of them came back and asked if he could watch tv! so I said he wanted to watch a movie. knowing I had porn in the dvd i hit play my mistake and really couldn’t find the remote to turn it off. he turned red and said oh let it play. next thing we were kissing jerking clothes came off and he shot a load so fast I was like gees! lol
    then the other brother came the the next night and I had fun with him too! the funny thing was while all this was going on their bible was next to their back packs! lol not sure if they shared stories or not but they both were so freaking hot! I’m sure they are married back in SLC now. lol

  • Cam

    A good friend of ine who was mormon said that what the Mormon church may finally be starting to realize is that for every gay person who leaves the church they could be losing two other members as friends or family leave. Some gays bring nobody out of the church, but when my friend left, several family members and two friends followed so it averages out. Here’s hoping they figure this out and stop being such institutional bigots.

  • andy_d

    ACNA? ACNE would be more appropriate. They are a blight upon the face of religion.

  • Yikes!

    @I pliss: ………and then the director yelled “CUT!”. interesting fantasy, but it’s so transparent, it’s funny!

    it’s about time mormons stepped up to it’s own and realize the hurt they’re doing to their church. hate begets hate.

    maybe if this message is rallied throughout the mormon temple and they indeed can embrace gays as they should and offer them acceptance instead of excommunication like they’re doing now and have been doing for decades, then they’ll be heading in the right direction of tolerence, respect, and underdtand between mormons and gays.

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