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Mormons Join Catholics In Underage Molestation Scandals. Welcome Home!



It just wouldn’t be right to let the Roman Catholic Church be the only anti-gay religious organization embroiled in an underage sex scandal involving its leaders. Enter the Mormon Church, which is now dealing with the fallout from Michael Pratt’s molestation trial. Well done, brothers!

Pratt stands accused of molesting a then-16-year-old girl (she is now 17) on multiple occasions all across the great state of Utah. At the time, Pratt was a LDS seminary principal; the victim was a student.

She spent three hours testifying against Pratt yesterday, detailing how Pratt would have her hide in the back seat of his car to sneak her off school grounds for their liaisons. He even wrong her a love song on his guitar. Adorable!

It’s just too bad the victim wasn’t a boy — then LDS could blame its little sexual assault problem on those pedophilia-loving homos.

Now, we’re not saying all Mormons act like this — far from it. But this holier-than-thou bullshit –where LDS leaders claim they lead pious lives while the gays are undeserving of equality — is all the more ridiculous when Mormons show their gross human imperfections. We’re sure god still loves Pratt; he just loves the gays more.

But it does beg the question for church elder Bruce Hafen: If gay isn’t in your DNA, certainly preying on minors isn’t too, right?

(Thanks, Alan!)

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