Morning Aural: Bell X1

Today’s email newsletter Very Short List insists that we “hear this band before anyone else does”. “This band” happens to be Irish rockers Bell X1.

Here’s what VSL had to say:

Bell X1 is already a phenomenon across the Atlantic, where their record Flock has gone quintuple platinum in Ireland. It will finally be released in the U.S. on February 19, and it’s simply one of the best records we’ve heard in a long time. Part rock, part lush pop – with thoughtful lyrics and intricate melodies – Flock is our early front-runner for best record of 2008.

We’ll have to give the entire album a listen before making such a statement, but we’re kind of digging “Flame” and “Tongue”.

Side note: the band’s MySpace page includes this quote: “Heteros go homo!”