Morning Aural: Escort

Muppets with a disco beat? What is this, 1977? Nope: it’s Brooklyn-based party maker Escort‘s new single, “All Through the Night” and its more the an alright – it’s fucking outstanding.

Pitchfork, who led us to the video, certainly agrees. Journo Jessica Suarez wrote:

“I’m about to pop” warning from vocalists Zena Kitt and Toy is worth noticing, because “All Through the Night” is all control, all precision, all good diction: Check the aspiration on the p’s in “pop,” the way a single string follows each syllable… When the song flowers into shallow, blissful sighs, she’s still in control– even her orgasm stays on beat.

We’re sure Jim Henson would be proud to have his creations getting down to such a climax.