Morning Aural: Janis Joplin
We wanted something really inspirational for International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO or I-DA-HO, depending on your preference), but struggled to find a noteworthy fit.

We could have gone with “I Will Survive” or another anal anthem, but that’s best saved for pride. Our musical memory eschewed Kylie, Madge (who has a new single, which you can download here), Cyndi, Cher and those other mono-monikered, glittering divas. But, for some reason, we kept thinking of Janis Joplin.

Above, you’ll see a 1969 Woodstock performance of “Try”. Below, you can view “Cry Baby” performed in 1970. These songs may not address collective action, social hate or even equality, but they’re a perfect fit.

The first really acts as self-directed command, but can just as easily be a universal call to action. Or, at least, some friendly encouragement. “Cry Baby” is, quite simply, a declaration of love and support: something we gays need as we face those hellbent homo-haters. It ain’t easy being the one of the most divisive social group in the world, but that’s cool. (You know that saying about life not being easy, etcetera… It can be expected.)

And it’s alright to bitch and Cry, Baby. A little struggle does the body good, but you just got to keep Try-ing. Ya heard?