Country Bumpkin Triple Feature Extravaganza!!

Morning Aural: LeAnn Rimes
Some irate fag recently condemned us for not playing enough country. We apologized profusely, but he simply wasn’t having it. In fact, he swore up and down that if we didn’t play a country song soon, he’d make us eat pussy.

Obviously this guy wasn’t fucking around, so we asked him what he wanted to hear. “LeAnn Rimes’ new single, ‘Nothing Better To Do’ from her forthcoming album, Family.” We agreed and started to leave when he said, “The dancing’s choreographed by LeAnn’s homo-hubby, Dean Sheremet.” Obviously that got our attention, but the country queen had already two-stepped off. Oh well.

To make up for our dearth of country tunes, we’ve also included Rimes’ “Something Gotta Give” and “And It Feels Like”. After the jump, partner…