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  • Maverick69

    Reminds me of Christopher Atkins from that dreadful movie “The Blue Lagoon”.

    Oh shit, Now I’m showing my age.

  • Andrew

    May as well have put a mannequin up there Queerty.
    I hope to see some real men next week.

  • madmax

    I don’t know……I thought it was a stimulating way to start the day, even IF there was an element of mannequin. Is it akin to those blowup dolls some people use and enjoy???

  • EdWoody

    I love that it’s cool for guys to just blatantly show off their goods like that these days.

  • jogus

    My question is, why is he modelling the Swedish flag on the track-suit jacket? Is he a part of our national soccer team now??

  • Rowen

    thank Pajiba I’m not the only one who’s gotten bored with nice abs and a perfectly waxed chest. I was beginning to think I’m becoming old and jaded.

  • afrolito



    snoozer to the end of the week. Dosen’t kinda look like Heath Ledger in the face?

  • John

    Handsome blondes have been underappreciated throughout history..

  • dvlaries

    Franci Cadieux yesterday was better.

  • jeeb

    Hm, I have to agree with the previous ‘mannequin’ statements. Don’t get me wrong…he’s a very good looking man, and no doubt out of my league. But still, having said that, he has a look that’s just very generic and forgettable. At least as far as models go. It seems like the pics posted on here that I end up liking the best are of guys who seem more…*real*. Like someone you might could actually know and/or meet in your daily life.

  • ninebone

    YAWN…next, please…

  • hells kitchen guy

    Actually, it’s fun having sex with guys like that – like screwing a real-life Ken doll.

  • Barbarossa

    Thanks for the (Brian) frank n beans

  • PolishBear

    I guess it’s true what they say: Older men are simply irrelevant in Popular Gay Culture.

  • dvlaries

    ” No. 16 · PolishBear
    I guess it’s true what they say: Older men are simply irrelevant in Popular Gay Culture. ”
    I know better than to even hope for guys past the 40 mark in these parts, but some of these men don’t even look to be stretching into their early 30s. For these fantasies to work, of course you want a nice body on them, but you also want an impression they’ve done some living and just might have a thing or two interesting to talk about.

  • hells kitchen guy

    “just might have a thing or two interesting to talk about.”

    Actuallly, um, irrelevant. I live a full life of the mind, but when it comes to looking at pin-ups, I’m looking at their carcass, not their cranium.

    Polish Bear: Older gay men are all over the place. And some, yes, are eye candy.This is bunch of photos of a nice-looking younger guy. So what’s your point?

  • Charley

    How you say in Russian, Хорошая корзина. (Nice basket)

  • Jonathan

    He’s great. Just great. I was getting bored of the perfect, skinny, shaved 18 year olds.

  • Eric

    Any of you that come across “perfect, skinny, shaved 18 year olds” can send them my way. I will find a use for them.

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