Morning Goods: Matthew McConaughey

Good morning, kids, and welcome to your Monday. We hope your Monday is filled with clear blue skies and apple pies to chase away those my-weekend-is-over doldrums. And if you’re still in a bad mood, well, here’s some pics to cheer you up and get the blood pumping.

matthew mcconaughey 3.jpeg

Matthew McConaughey’s Failure To Launch may not be a critical success, but it is raking in the box office nonetheless: having earned $15.8 million this weekend, people are filling the theaters, perhaps to bask in the glory of McConaughey’s various shirtless scenes. Who needs a script when you have shiny tan pecs jiggling in your face?

Although we also appreciate him in artsy black-and-white.

matthew mcconaughey 2.jpeg

matthew mcconaughey 4.jpeg

(Oh, if only to be that hand.)

matthew mcconaughey 1.jpeg