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  • hells kitchen guy

    Thin, pasty bottle-blond. Cracker hot!

  • Dawster

    what an adorable little puppy to wake up to! thanks!

  • GranDiva

    …and the spam is back.

  • Ash

    Ew this boy looks like he’s fifteen. I think I babysit for him.

  • afrolito

    Looks a little special in the face.

  • Jay

    I’d like to wake up with his hands down my pants.

  • Rowen

    meh. seen it, seen it do stupid drugs and act like an idiot at clubs, seen it become over the hill at 22. Boring. Pass.

  • SeaFlood

    I think this kid models like a dream and that makes some of these pictures REAL stunners. The second picture makes me breathless.

  • Jay

    I feel the same way as SeaFlood. I was the one who sent the Nick J page to Queerty. I can’t stop looking at his pictures. It’s narcissism, though, too. I looked like that when I was 17-25.

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