Morning Goods: Olivier Martinez

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This weekend we decided to have a movie night–any excuse to binge on extra-buttered popcorn–and it finally gave us the chance to see Diane Lane‘s star shine in the sexy thriller Unfaithful. Why did it take us until now to see this movie? Go, right now, and rent it. You’ll never be the same.

Although we were floored by Lane’s embodiment of the ultimate desperate housewife, it was Olivier Martinez‘s turn as her incomprehensibly-gorgeous lover who made us climb out of our skin. The lips, the endless shirtless scenes, the French accent…we can’t wait to have a torrid, illicit affair of our own. We would even try to do it with Martinez himself, but we’d hate to offend his girlfriend, Kylie Minogue. As if we’d ever have a chance with him anyway.

Martinez also played a supporting role in the breathtaking biopic of gay Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas, Before Night Falls (which we forgot to include in our favorite-movie list! we’ll add it, we promise). But even without the gay-indie film thing, he has bona-fide fans in us. Please, Olivier darling, come back across the pond and make more films, we need to see you more.

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