Morning Goods: Pablo Morais


There’s no better way to start off the week than with a mental vacation to that land of preternatural beauty, Brazil. Pablo Morais is a newcomer to Rio’s modeling scene, but based on what we’ve seen so far, we predict a long (and hopefully rarely-clothed) future for the guy.


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  • drresol

    He looks like an elf from Lord of the Rings.

  • Mark M

    I guess the Sagat pics were a rare treat and we are now back to the same damn thing. YAWN… we’ve seen the A&F guys already.

  • thatguyfromboston


  • Mark

    Much better that that sasquatch from last week!

    Love the abs! *lick*

  • Blake

    Great job this A.M. love the look and thank god for longhair!!!

  • Eric

    Starving model? Or, just plain starving?

  • dvlaries

    When they are this young and scrawny looking, and I blow up the individual pictures in the vain hope they’ll start getting ‘better,’ I also get the sense that there are federal agents one hard knock away on the front door waiting to press me in handcuffs for looking at them.

    Get some goddamn MEN already.

  • Suburban

    I will say this, I really like the pics of him on the bed 1/2 naked. #3, now that you brought it up he does remind me of Sanjaya. #8, I thought I was the only one who would say he looked young.

  • Mark

    Japh should alternate days for Morning Goods. That way, both kinds of men can get a chance to complain!

    We can get the insults of “hairy, ape-like gargantuan men” and the ones that reference “scrawny, starving ‘children.'”

    It’s Win-Win! Or Loss-Loss…However you look at it.

  • oneway

    You know how you can tell this is a Rick Day photo shoot? That same damn pose he puts every male model into. I call it the “sofa shot” — VPL-exposed model lounged out on his back with photo take standing from above the foot of a sofa.

    The variation here is that Day dispenses of the sofa.

    I’ll admit, it’s a delicious pose. But let’s mix it up, eh?

  • afrolito

    Pablo is impossibly beautiful! Love him, even when shot by the oh so tired Rick Day. He looks like a male version of Adriana Lima, which is a good thing.

    Of course the neanderthal man lovers are devastated that you can’t run a comb through his butt crack, and that he’s not FAT.

  • allstarecho

    I’ll take 2 of him please. Yum yum!

  • hardmannyc

    If I wanted to see photos of teen-age girls, I’d go to … wherever the pervs go to.

  • Mark


    If I wanted to see pictures of Bigfoot – I’d go…Wherever nutcases go.

  • sal

    no offense but he looks like a kid……kinda creepy

  • Dan

    He’ll be a good-looking guy in 5 or 10 years. Um…thanks for the advance notice?

  • Suburban

    Sal, I don’t think he looks THAT young. I agree he’ll be hotter in a few years though.

  • rogue dandelion

    wow that upper right picture is something else

    and he does kind of remind of sanjaya hahaha but less goofy and more fuckable

  • Phoenix (Rainbow Nancy-Boy Liberation Army)

    @ No. 1 · drresol,

    Wait? You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing…?

  • Z reveals

    In first picture, his cock looks so yummy!

  • J.c.


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